For the DAMOCLES consortium members and guests only: Welcome to Damocles General Assembly and associated meetings
Oslo, November 27–30, 2007

Practical information
Getting to Oslo and to the Ciens building
Reception at the Fram Museum
How to register

These pages will be updated regularly.



Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research – CIENS
DRAFT PROGRAM (of October 11)

Program starts daily at 09:30.

Monday 26 November

From 09:30: WP1 workshop (Wadhams) Download agenda
Rooms: Castellanus and Cumulus

Tuesday 27 November:

09:30-18:00: WP5/S4D workshop (Rudels)
Room: Forum

9.30-9.45 Opening of the workshop Bert Rudels
9.45 - 10.30 The radiation balance of the Arctic Ocean – the most important factor in the Arctic climate? Asgeir Sorteberg
10.30-11.15 The importance of the atmospheric meridional heat transport for the Arctic climate. Jim Overland
11.15-11.45 Coffee
11.45-12.30 Air-sea interaction in the presence of leads. Cristof Luepkes 12.30-13.15 Sea ice volume: production, losses and balance. Cornelia Köberele
13.15-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.15 Sea-ice thermodynamics – is detailed knowledge necessary for modeling and understanding? Dirk Notz
15.15-16.00 Advection versus local transformation processes in the Arctic Ocean. Michael Karcher
16.00-16.30 Coffee
16.30-17.15 Shelf-slope-basin interaction and the importance of lateral boundary processes. Ursula Schauer
17.15-18.00 Constraints on exchanges of heat and freshwater - do they exist and are they of any use? Bert Rudels

18:00-19:00: Happy hour at offices (outside Castellanus)

Wednesday 28 November:

09.30-17.30: Workshops

17.40: Bus departure from Ciens
18.00: Reception at the Fram Museum

Thursday 29 November:

In Forum
9.30-9.45. Welcoming address and approval of the agenda by C. Mauritzen
9.45-10.30. “State of the Arctic in 2007 and Damocles” by J-C. Gascard
10.30-11.00. “Are the IPCC models too conservative and why?” by R. Doescher

Coffee break 11.00-11.30

11.30-12.00. WP1 past and next 12 months activities by P. Wadhams
12.00-12.30. WP2 past and next 12 months activities by T. Vihma
12.30-13.00. WP3 past and next 12 months activities by U. Schauer

Lunch 13.15-14.30

14.30-15.00. WP4 past and next 12 months activities by R. Doescher
15.00-15.30. WP5 past and next 12 months activities by G. Hovelsrud
15.30-15.45. WP6 past and next 12 months activities by O. Godoy
15.45-16.00. WP7 past and next 12 months activities by S. Sandven

Coffee break 16.00-16.30

16.30-17.00. WP8 past and next 12 months activities by E. Fahrbach
17.00-17.45. “On Climate and Change” by C. Mauritzen
18.00 Happy hour at CICERO

A press conference will take place in Aqua from 13.30 to 14.15.


Friday 30 November:

In Forum
9.00-9.30. “Arctic Climate Changes” by James Overland
9.30-10.00. “Human life in the Arctic during different climate regimes” by G. Hovelsrud
10.00-10.20. Search for Damocles by P. Schlosser
10.20-10.40. S4D Paris workshop by F. Kauker
10.40-11.00. SAON by H. Loeng

Coffee Break 11.00-11.30

11.30-11.50. RGOOS & GMES (Polar view) by S. Sandven
11.50-12.10. ISAC by M. Tjernstrom
12.10-12.30. iAOOS by B. Dickson
12.30-12.50. IPCC EU conference by

Lunch 13.15-14.30

14.30-15.30. Administrative issues by L. Nitkiewicz
Deliverables, Reporting and Budget approval
15.30-16.00. Next meetings and closing address by J-C. Gascard

Coffee break. 16.00-16.30.

In Castellanus
16.30-17.30 Damocles steering committee.
End at 17.30



Practical information

When you arrive
The registration desk in the main hall at Ciens will be open at least from 08:30 to 10:00 and during lunch break. Please register and get your info-pack as soon as you arrive.
 Any questions? Ask. We might be able to help you.

Daily schedule

  • 09:30 First session
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:30 Second session
  • 13:15 Lunch
  • 14:00 Third session
  • 16:00 Break
  • 16:30 Fourth session
  • 18:00 Social event

More info later

Social events
More info later
At Wednesday you are invited to the Fram Museum.

Personal computers
A wireless network is available in the cafeteria areas. Your portable PC will need a suitable network card. The net is called FPAS. No pass word is required.

Please let us know in advance if your presentation is in other formats than Microsoft Office or Open Office.

Shopping and services
The meetings take place five minutes walk from the Blindern University Campus. Her you will find bank, post office, book store, food store, hair dresser etc.




We have made advance reservations on some downtown hotels in Oslo.
Please make your reservations early as the hotels will not hold the rooms for ever.

Thon Hotel Terminus in Stenersgata, telephone + 47 22 05 60 00, Booking deadline 26 October. 43 single rooms.
View location on map This is two blocks from the Central Railway Station and from subways connecting you to the Ciens building.
Deadline passed, some expencive rooms still available as of 16 November.

Norlandia Karl Johan Hotel, telephone + 47 81 54 41 44, Booking deadline 11 November. 30 single rooms.
View location on map Map: This is at Oslos main street midway between the Parliament and the National Theatre. It is a ten minute walk from the Central Railway Station, but only two blocks from the subway.
Deadline passed, some rooms still available as of 16 November.

Rica Travel in Arbeidergata 4, telephone +47 22 00 33 00, Booking deadline 23 November. 20 single rooms, price 825 NOK.
View location on map This is in a side alley to the main street, close to the above Norlandia Karl Johan.
All 20 reserved rooms are book, but there might be some extra rooms available.

First Hotell Millenium in Tollbugata 25, telephone +47 21 02 28 00, Booking deadline 23 November. 5 single rooms, price 995 NOK.
View location on map Also ten minutes from the Central station, and 2-3 blocks from the subway.
Reference: Solstad/Damocles

Saga Norlandia Hotell  in Eilert Sundts gate 39, telephone +47 22 43 04 85, Booking deadline 19 November. 5 single room, price 800 NOK.
View location on map In a residential area five blocks behind the Royal Castle. Public transportation is available, but you will have to change lines.
Reference: Solstad/Damocles



Getting to Oslo and Ciens

Most foreign participants will arrive by plane, either to Oslo Airport Gardermoen or to Torp airport.

At Gardermoen there is a railway station in the terminal building with train leaving for Oslo Central Station usually every 10 minutes. The trip downtown takes around 20 minutes. You must buy your ticket from one of the vending machines before you enter the platform. Read more.

From Torp there is a two hour bus ride to Oslo. Read more.

The Ciens building is a part of the Oslo Innovation Center. It is located close to the Oslo University Blindern campus.

From downtown the easiest way to get to Ciens is by subway. You can enter at Jernbanetorget, Stortinget or Nationaltheatret stations and take

  • line 3 Sognsvann
  • line 4 Ringen
  • line 5 Storo

Alight at Blindern or Forskningsparken. The ride will take about 5–10 minutes.

You may also take tram line 17 or 18 Rikshospitalet to Forskningsparken. This will take 15 minutes.

Tickets: We will suggest that you buy a week pass (NOK 210) which is valid for 7 days from your first ride. No picture needed. Available at some stations and most Narvesen, 7-eleven and Deli de Luca kiosks. Read more.

The area around the Oslo Innovation Center is currently a huge construction site. Local access to the Ciens building varies from week to week. Both local people and taxi drivers might have trouble giving you the easiest direction to the entrance.

We will have an updated map at this page the week before the assembly. Please print and bring along. We will also have proper marking from the subway stations.



Reception at the Fram Museum

Wednesday evening we invite you all to a reception at the Fram Museum.

The Fram Museum is located at the Bygdøy peninsula west of downtown Oslo. The museum shows the history of the polar explorers. Here you’ll find the world’s most famous polarship, Fram, from 1892. The ship is displayed in its original condition with interior and objects perfectly preserved. Read more.

At the museum you will be served a tapas meal and guides will show you around in the exhibition.

We provide bus transportation from Ciens to the museum - and back to the hotels. If you should miss this, use city bus 30 to the Bygdøy museums.

NB Dress code The Fram Museum is not well heated, so please take into account that it might be cold in late November.



How to register for the assembly

Register at the VitamiB website <> as soon as possible.

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