SEARCH for DAMOCLES (S4D) is a joint initiative designed to bridge two independent Artic research programs, SEARCH (USA) and DAMOCLES (EU).

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DAMOCLES is in partnership with the North-American SEARCH-program (Study of Environmental Arctic Change). The two programs share several scientific objectives including large-scale observations of the Arctic Ocean sea-ice cover and circulation and key atmospheric processes, integration and assimilation of observations with models, and assessment of environmental and human impacts. A website has been set up to explain the SEARCH for DAMOCLES (S4D) cooperation more in detail. (Jul 1, 2008)


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International Polar Year 2007 - 2008

DAMOCLES is a european contribution to the International Polar Year 2007 - 2008.


DAMOCLES is financed by the European Union in the 6th Framework Programme.

Dec 7, 2010

Developing Arctic Modeling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environmental Studies